Bunnies Collection: Premium+ Colored Standard Sleeves

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Color: Orange Code - ETA
Mix & Match

Use the code ‘CUSTOM’ to receive 20% off 3 x packs of Coloured Custom A5 Pocket Pages or Coloured Sleeves with any purchase of a “Bunnies” myCOLLECTION binder! Offer applies exclusively to items featured in The Bunnies Collection.


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Prism Platinum presents

The 'Bunnies' Collection

Taking inspiration from the coolest girls on the block, NewJeans, hop right into a whimsical world of color with this ador-rabbit collection!

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Key Features

Your dream binder is waiting!

In a bold new step, The Bunnies Collection welcomes colored pocket-pages and sleeves to unlock new possibilities for collectors to build their ultimate dream binder!

Discover monochromatic harmony with a color-matched ensemble, or get creative with different color combinations - it's truly up to you.

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