Replacement and Compensation Policy

Please ensure you film the unboxing of your parcel once you receive it. If you are missing any items or require any compensation for damages a video unboxing will be requested from you. We are unable to offer compensation with images only. 

Product Defects

Prism Platinum will send a replacement if there are obvious manufacturing defects, damages or faults on a case by case basis. Customers have up to 30 days from the date of receipt to lodge a claim for compensation. Please contact our customer service by email on support@prismplatinum.uto start the process. 

Please note that the outcome can vary as each case is assessed on an individual basis, with all care and due diligence taken to ensure that customers are compensated appropriately for product defects.

Product Damages due to transit and/or fulfilment

Prism Platinum will send a replacement of any damaged products if there is obvious damage due to mishandling of the postal carrier and/or negligent packaging from our fulfilment partner. 

Customers must lodge an inquiry with customer service within 48 hours from the date of receipt. Please contact our customer service by email on to start the process. 

Customers are required to provide adequate media including videos and pictures as part of their claim.

We require 24-48 hours to assess the damage and determine whether the damaged product is caused by the manufacturer, postal carrier or fulfilment packer. Please see the guidelines below:

  1. Manufacturer: Replacement will be sent as soon as possible and will usually be sent in 2-3 business days.

  2. Postal carrier: We require confirmation from the postal carrier that the damaged product is eligible for compensation. Due to strict guidelines in this process, a replacement is subject to approval of Prism Platinum and we aim to make a determination within 15 business days.

  3. Fulfilment packer: Replacement will be sent as soon as possible and will usually be sent in 2-3 business days. 

Packages in transit

Prism Platinum is unable to send a replacement package if the previous package is still in transit, returned to our warehouse or held by customs. 

Packages lost

Prism Platinum will send a replacement if the previous package was lost during transit and confirmed by the postal carrier that the package is deemed lost. Please note that we require this confirmation from the postal carrier before processing replacement. This ensures we can secure compensation from the postal carrier directly. 

Packages theft

All our packages come with a tracking number. Customers can follow the package status through their shipping confirmation. We have the shipping updates as customers with no further or detailed information. 

We ask that customers be proactive in tracking their order and to ensure the parcel is moving at the expected pace and be readily available to receive it at the expected delivery date. If you expect to be unavailable to receive your order, we recommend contacting your local postal service to direct it to a safe place.

Please be aware that we, Prism Platinum, are not responsible for stolen packages. The postal services will not take any responsibility if it is marked as “Delivered” and/or has proof of delivery images. We are also not responsible for any compensation claimed for delays in transit.


Customers has the following options when proceeding with a replacement:

  1. Full replacement of the previous package
  2. Refund for the value of the order in Collector Points
  3. Substitute and or add extra products as long as it meets the minimum value of the previous order