About Me

Thank you for dropping by Prism Platinum! I started this small business back in February 2021, just 6 months after I started collecting BTS photocards (more specifically, Taehyung, Namjoon and Jungkook!)

I love collecting photocards and have made so many friends and memorable experiences in the last year. I started off with a very small binder and was after supplies that would enhance the look of my collection. I came across holographic sleeves and knew I needed them for my collection.

Holographic sleeves were not readily available in Australia so I launched Prism Platinum and help other collectors get access to quality supplies for their collection. Quickly after starting my collecting journey I realised there weren't premium supplies available for my K-pop collection.

Since launching I have created custom accessories for collectors from the myCOLLECTION™ binders to the world's first custom Limited Edition clear sleeves and A5-Pocket pages.

Being a collector myself, I understand how important and rare some collections can be! This is why all the products offered in my shop have been tested on my personal K-pop collection. The supplies offered are suited for new and seasoned collectors from all communities.

There are many more original Prism Platinum products made for collectors to come! Please follow to stay up to date! 

Whether you have stumbled across this shop or interacted with any of my social media accounts, I am so incredibly grateful for the support! Thank You!