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Organising RM's 'Right Place, Wrong Person'

Organising RM's 'Right Place, Wrong Person' - Prism Platinum US



RM (BTS) ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ (Weverse Albums Ver.)

I never realized how much I needed an album until RM’s “Right Place Wrong Person (RPWP)” arrived during BTS week! 💜 As I unboxed it, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and a feeling of home 🏡 that I can’t quite describe. 

Namjoon has always had a way with words, and his lyrics have provided me with so much comfort, even in the darkest times. Every page, every note, and every detail of this album feels like a heartfelt message from RM, and I am deeply grateful for it 💕

The supplies you'll need to organise the inclusions and featured in the reel are:

Happy collecting!


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